Inventive storytelling that engages. We produce beautiful documentaries with heart & soul.

Film is huge. Film is story. It’s our craft and put our heart into every project. We love to work with NGO’s, innovative businesses and good causes. We work locally and internationally with experience in all types of filmmaking, but a particular focus on documentaries that ooze authenticity and intrigue.

Here he is! Director & Cinematographer –  
John Seddon

True Glass Films is run by filmmaker John Seddon

His passion for culture, story and aesthetics has taken him across the globe. He has produced films ranging from ethnic minority farming villages in China, to street children in Malawi and the concrete jungles of São Paulo.

John has honed his skills drawing on a diverse range of disciplines. He has worked in prime time TV Drama, with corporate/commercial production companies, on-the-ground with charities, and as a freelance photographer.

He brings a wealth of experience, and a personal life-curiosity to his filmmaking. He has spent time living with men in rehabilitation centres in Spain, camped in rural Mozambican fishing villages, and volunteered on restorative justice courses in UK prisons.

His proudest achievement to date is ‘Maliko’. Made for an NGO on a shoestring, the film changed national policing policy towards street children in Malawi.