Beautiful documentaries with heart & soul.

Film is story. It’s a kaleidoscope, a mirror and a looking glass that reflects our shared humanity and connects us. Film is our craft and we put our heart into every project. We love working with innovative individuals and great causes whether that’s a creative project on our doorstep (Sheffield) or an observational doc in a remote corner of the world.

We’ve filmed across the world:

Brazil // China // India // Solomon Islands // France // Jordan // Indonesia // Malawi // UK

Why us?

We don’t just make films. We bring content, perspective, energy, sound, style and aesthetics (in fact just about every filmmaking technique) together to tell your story. Every project is an individual and the road to an exceptional film starts with planning and collaboration. It’s good to think outside the box.

We provide a full service: Concept // Plan // Shoot // Edit // Deliver

We’re Agile

As a small team with heaps of experience and a large freelance pool, we can tackle almost any size of project in any location. With low overheads and plenty of heart, we’re cost effective and do our best regardless of budget.

We Collaborate

Every project and every story is an individual and so we take the time to work with you to find the most effective and creative way to tell your story. High-quality is the baseline, stunning storytelling that stands-out is the aim. We’ve got the knack for a good out-the-box idea.

We're International

With experience across 5 continents, we’re never ones to shy away for a challenge or a foreign culture. In fact we’re just as at home in hot and dusty Africa as we are in the concrete jungles of Brazil or with ethnic minorities in China.

The Team

Founded by filmmaker John Seddon, we’re a small team of creative film professionals with passion, skill and experience. But basically, we’re nice people who like working with nice people.


Director & Cinematographer

Oliver Guy

Sound Designer




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Here’s what others say:
International Women's Day 2018 Best Practice Award - Education and Academia: Knowledge and Impact 

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

"John Seddon is without a doubt one of the most perceptive and innovative cinematographers in the UK. He is highly skilled in all aspects of filmmaking, extremely creative, exceptionally conscientious, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Having collaborated with him on two artistically and logistically challenging film projects, I can say with total conviction that John will never let you down!"

Vaibhav Kaul

An Awakening

"This is beautifully shot, especially as it moves to the plains and the feet of the mountains. The lack of dialogue is striking. The way it focuses the viewer on visual ideas that engage the other senses is masterful."

Jordan Inman, True/False Film Fest

An Awakening